Message from
the Chairman of
the Executive Board

Message from the Chairman of the Executive Board
"It is undeniable that there are many different factors around us such as pollution, food, stress and harsh living styles of the people nowadays
that have bad impacts on our physical, mental, and skin health.

Beginning from the ideas that we would like to see everybody have a better health that would last for long, with appropriate skin treatment that will lead everyone to a healthy state that grows from within to outside; then this would help develop more self confidence and minimize chances to get sick for a much smoother living with fewer obstacles.

Based from this view, FCP is therefore determined to develop a variety of formulas for food supplement and skincare products, with the hope to cover and answer all of our customers’ needs and desires. It has been for over 20 years that FCP has been working on our business goals and has finally become widely accepted in both local and international levels among more than 20 countries worldwide.

FCP promises to continuously develop for the benefits of our customers with honesty and sincerity. Our products are always safe with high performance. Also, to confirm their quality, the products are researched and approved by the producers of raw materials. Besides, all the ingredients used in our products are shown accordingly on the packets as approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Another important thing that we, FCP, always focus on is to return the benefits back to our home country. With co-operation with other companies in FCP chains, we have launched different projects to help the schools in remote areas by providing and improving the school’s facilities such as canteens, distant learning centers, nurse-aid rooms, restrooms, activity fields, and planting areas that can be used as the school’s food supply, for instance. Indeed, we would like to improve the life quality and education of Thai children, who are the future of our nation, as best as we can.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has always trusted in FCP and has always supported us until we have reached the current FCP. We promise to keep doing what we are doing now and we will be determined to improve all of our activities in both business and social service."